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With Manchester City’s participation in the International Champions Cup, the team was looking to grow their fanbase in the US, and also appeal to their current members of American supporters clubs. Legacy consulted and executed three different programs within the international platform: Fan Zone activations at all three matches, pre-game partner events for local supporter clubs, and a community soccer festival held in East Los Angeles.

The Fan Zone activity at the live matches provided an environment for an interactive soccer kick, animated photo sharing, and database development for their international supporters club. Emails were collected, and a few lucky supporters were awarded the opportunity to be directly on the pitch with their heroes during halftime.

Pre-game events were held at local bars in partnership with Carlsberg, the official US Beer Partner of the Club.  Supporter Clubs from Long Beach, CA to Melbourne, Australia to Nashville, TN were represented.  A program was put together that included live trivia, legend appearances, highlight reels and drink specials in prep for the match.

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