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The Risk Insurance Management (RIMS) Conference is the most important annual sales generating show for AON.  Legacy was tasked to reinvent AON’s RIMS experience and deliver a noticeably more customer-centric, collaborative selling opportunity to align with the brand ethos.

The team started by interviewing Aon sales staff and long-standing customers who had attended RIMS to better understand critical touch points, combining those findings with a detailed completive and spend-to-value analysis. The findings proved the booth-centric setup to be inefficient, driving Legacy to help Aon “think outside the booth.” Legacy designed an oasis off the trade show floor where existing and potential customers could connect and engage in a productive environment. 

 As an immersive social extension of the event, Legacy designed ‘Client World,’ an evening experience that became the must-attend event at RIMS.  Through this initiative, AON was able to further convey an ongoing commitment to engaging clients with the brand and its people in interesting and effective ways. 

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