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Connection…a powerful word chosen by Hilton to articulate an ongoing brand commitment of bringing people together to engage and create connections. Hilton wanted to immerse one of the most captive audiences in this new brand platform at the annual IMEX show. Legacy strategically designed and concepted several components of the booth to bring the Connections platform to life. 

The first was the Hilton Connect Café: a comfortable space, open to the public, designed to encourage networking and facilitate connections. Upon entering, guests were prompted to login to their LinkedIn accounts, showcasing in real time the commonalities in attendees’ backgrounds such as schools, industries and home locations. Conversations were sparked and connections were made between individuals and the Hilton brand. 

The second initiative was the Hosted Buyer theater- a space designed to personally connect to the needs and interests of Hilton’s most sought after clients. A theater was constructed on the tradeshow floor alongside the Connect Café where an IMEX specific video was shown to further articulate the Connections platform and the tangible assets available to the Hosted Buyers. Each participant received a personalized package inclusive of video conducive headphones and additional Hilton assets designed specifically for their needs.  The theater experience concluded with Hilton hosts escorting each Hosted Buyer to one of several connection pods for further conversation and entertaining.

Through the comprehensive experience, Legacy could bring meaning to Hilton’s brand platform while significantly increasing total visits, time spent at the booth and meaningful engagements.

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