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With every foodie’s favorite holiday right around the corner, it’s safe to say we have turkey on the brain. Back in reality, we’re still working hard to activate brand experiences for our clients. The process of putting on a memorable event and a Thanksgiving feast are actually quite similar. Here’s how:

Building a shopping list. Write out (or type, this is 2017 after all) a checklist. What are all the elements you will need to produce a killer event? This list may lead to additional lists, but that’s fine. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to dinner and realizing your forgot the cranberry sauce.

Setting the Table. Get all your utensils, plates, glasses, napkins and centerpieces to the table. In the event space, this is your team. By gathering at a conference room table for a formal kickoff you’re able to set expectations, share important details and determine who will be responsible for different roles.

Meal Prep. Thanksgiving is a classic meal and often features the same recipes year after year. However, adding a new ingredient or dish can really spice things up. Same goes with event planning. Sure, you may start off with the same checklist for each event because there are staple needs, but that gets monotonous. Get creative and add some sizzle to make each experience stand out.

THE TURKEY. You’ve worked long and hard and it’s finally time for the big reveal… your event. Like the turkey on a Thanksgiving table, all eyes are on your event. Enjoy it, savor it. There’s likely a lot of side-elements (like side-dishes) that make the activation truly complete, but your event is the star of the show.

Going in for seconds. Are you activating more than once? You should consider it because a memorable event will leave attendees wanting more.

Food coma. After the whirlwind of activation day (or week, or month…) it’s time for a little rest. Get off your feet and digest everything that just happened. Your mind and body will thank you.

Leftovers. In the coming days, you’ll be reliving the event again and again through recaps and sweet memories. And to be honest, we know you’re already mentally preparing for next year.