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On October 14th, one of our account teams executed their largest event to date – a 2,000-person Whiskey & Craft Beer festival for Jameson Irish Whiskey. The Jameson Love Thy Neighborhood Brewery Fest in Support of New York Restoration Project was held in Brooklyn, New York at the Duggal Greenhouse – an expansive raw space just begging to be overhauled with mountains of beer and whiskey décor. Fifteen Legacy staff members trekked out to the Big Apple for this first-of-its-kind event with the goal of executing the perfect Whiskey & Craft Beer festival. This crew was the true embodiment of “teamwork makes the dream work”. In the aftermath, they gleaned tips and tricks to utilize in the future. Here are a select few:

“Don’t want your guests to have to worry about spending money on transportation to and from your event?  Worried Ubers and cabs will have a wait and guests will miss out on prime time during the event?  Fear not, we have the answer! Pair up with a local water taxi so guests have quick and easy access going from one part of the neighborhood to the other for FREE.  VIP experience, no lines to wait in, and memories that will last forever!” – Taylor Swineford (Senior Account Executive)

“Give guest a unique and easy way to get to an event adds a special touch that is memorable. Boat? Train? Rickshaw?” – Nick Farrell (Account Supervisor)

“Event prep isn’t always the most glamorous (hello, shucking 2,000 acrylic cups!) so keep that team entertained – lots of music and Red Bull is a must!” – Chelsey Ziegler (Senior Account Supervisor)

“Getting beer to your event is only half the battle! Always make sure to have a plan for the service of the beer. If serving out of kegs, you must secure jockey boxes (not related to horse racing).” – Josh Silverstein (Senior Account Executive)

“While we love our raw spaces because we can transform it into whatever we want, it is essential to always have one delegated “runner” and a car, who can track down anything missing or needed for last minute emergencies. We praise this person!” – Angie Cotherman (Account Executive)

“No one ever said managing logistics for a 40-ft. shipping container from Canada would be easy. I just wish someone had told me that you needed an NYC crane to get if off the truck. A word to the wise - beware of coworkers pulling US customs pranks on you.” – Dan Berliner (Senior Account Supervisor)

“With RFID devices and event websites, make sure to keep the attendees in mind when creating branded content that will appeal to them. Photobooth photos and other personalized digital takeaways are great ways to drive attendees to branded sites and content hubs. Remember to keep it as fun and interactive as possible.” – Dominic Peters (Digital Coordinator) 

“Let’s be honest, the only way to define a successful event is by two things; 1. No line at the women’s restroom and 2. A bathroom trailer that is nicer than most of our homes.” – Mari Geary (Assistant Account Executive)

“Working long event days can take a toll, but having a positive attitude and keeping a smile on your face throughout is key! Not only does it reassure the clients that things are going smoothly, but it keeps team morale up which is essential with such a large event.” – Olivia Adams (Assistant Account Executive)

“Don’t drink the beer until the festival is over. Yes, it’s tempting to want to sample all of the delicious beers you have curated from all across the country, however you still have to load out and clean up! Luckily, since you are the one throwing the party, there may be some left overs to sample in celebration of a flawless load out!” – Ziggy Williamson (Senior Production Manager)