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Oh, the joys of travel! The hustle and bustle of an airport terminal is enough to stress out even the most zen traveler. What better way to take the edge off than with some retail therapy…and a cocktail.

Pernod Ricard recently brought Absolut’s newest flavor, Absolut Lime, to their Travel Retail Duty Free America’s sampling campaign. In efforts to bring the product directly to consumers using liquid to lips education at an international level, the brand set a custom kiosk in four airports up and down the East Coast – John F. Kennedy, Charlotte Douglas, Miami and Baltimore-Washington.

With the newest flavor available for sampling in the DFA stores, Absolut was able to see direct results of in-store education through specific KPIs including Number Consumers Sampled, Samples by Flavor and Total Bottles Sold.  Prime sampling placement at the entrance of each store provided frequent flyers the opportunity to sample the most iconic, complicated, outrageous drink strategy out there – Absolut Lime and soda!

So, did this activation take off for Absolut? Over a four-week period of product placement, the brand connected with a total of 4,750+ consumers with samples on site, drink strategy education and an opportunity to purchase the Lime product (as well as the additional Absolut Citron line flavors) at a discounted rate. Regardless of if they were arriving or departing, passengers were happy to walk away with a smile on their face and a bottle in their hand.