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It’s often attention grabbing when you see something negative plastered on an advertisement – why would a brand highlight such things? Recently two brands did just that and in cleverly polarizing ways.

Snowbird Ski Resort, located in Utah, is celebrated for its terrain and some of the lightest snow on earth. While thousand flock to these slopes each year, apparently some visitors left less than thrilled:

  • -“Too Advanced: I’ve heard Snowbird is a tough mountain, but this is ridiculous. It felt like every trail was a steep chute or littered with tree wells. How is anyone supposed to ride in that? Not fun!”
  • -“Disappointed: Are the people who operate the grooming equipment on strike or something? Was hoping for a little more corduroy to dig my skis into.”
  • -“No Easy Runs: We felt like our lives were in our own hands. Make a wrong turn and you’re stuck on a double black diamond. It took us 90 minutes to shimmy down the Peruvian Gulch before we could even find a blue square safe enough to ride.”
  • -“These taste like garbage and resentment. My roommate just asked, ‘did someone just s*** in my mouth?”
  • -“You will vomit just thinking about trying to finish the bar. I’d rather have my leg broken than eat this hyena crap.”
  • -“Sawdust. If you have nothing to wash this down you’ll die… seriously man.”

“Too steep? Too hard? Too much snow? Isn’t that why you came here?” Snowbird asks in their new One-Star Reviews campaign. In a move of brilliance, Snowbird made us laugh while promoting the mountain’s best features, simply be sharing their most negative reviews.

In a completely opposite move, and in efforts to introduce four new protein bars to their lineup, Kind Snacks highlighted their competitors’ negative reviews.

While we may not know what negative reviews Kind bars have received, we’re probably not eager to trade them for a competitor brand after hearing how much other consumers disliked them.

Typically, brands will simply highlight their strongest features in ad work. However, it’s always a breath of fresh air (maybe too fresh at Snowbird) when one pushes the boundaries, makes us laugh, and finds the positive in negatives.