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Is Snapchat the next frontier for sports? According to recent data, it would appear so.

The social media app recently released an audience report and ESPN opted-in to Nielsen’s new out-of-home reporting services. Overlaid, the findings are interesting. Snapchat revealed that across major sports, their users are more likely to be sports fans and are much more active on smartphones during sporting events than their non-Snapchatter counterparts. Additionally, 55% of Snapchatters agree that tech has made following sports easier and only 26% prefer to watch highlights rather than a full game.

Seven weeks after opting-in to Nielsen’s new out-of-home reporting service – providing metrics that combine streaming with consumption data in offices, airports, hotels, bars, other people’s homes, etc. – ESPN notes a jump in total live audience numbers. Specifically, millennial ratings jumped 33%. Cary Meyers, SVP of Fan and Media Intelligence at ESPN, said that of all the data points they receive, “streaming is the vastly more meaningful number” because live streaming will continue to rise.

So, with young sports fans gravitating towards Snapchat and ESPN ratings proving young sports fans are already streaming, clearly Snapchat is the perfect platform for sports ads and content.