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A couple weeks ago, we attended EventTech in Vegas, the world’s only conference about using social media and technology to reinvent, reimagine, extend and amplify live experiences.

It was an insightful week filled with testing the latest and greatest technology and learning about the latest trends.

We have pulled together our top six learnings from the week. Check ‘em out!

  • An event specific hashtag could be counterproductive.  Stay consistent.
    • This was one of the most surprising takeaways of the week.  When beginning your thought process for an event social strategy, a hashtag should not be the first thing you think of but rather the last.  It should be something that can be utilized and leveraged across all brand programming for longevity and stronger use.

  • Create experiences that acknowledge your intended audience’s behavior traits.
    • Sometimes when planning an event, you can get caught up in focusing only on telling the brand’s story and bringing it to life.  To design an event that fully engages the diversity of attendees, one should focus on each type of behavior traits below and hone in on event details accordingly.
      • Creators: Create things from scratch
      • Critiquers: Comment on work of others.  Unwilling to create their own work
      • Collectors: Collect things, defines success as finishing full collection
      • Sharers: Willing to share other’s ideas (Re-tweeters)
      • Joiners: Will join something they think is interesting - Like contests
      • Spectators: Those who sit back, are disengaged, and observe.

  • Everyone has a photo booth in their pocket.  Use it.
    • You don’t need to have a branded photo booth at your event.  Create one of a kind experiences and people will capture it on their own and share.   Build it, and they shall post.


  • Content + Context is king.
    • Throughout the two days, many speakers talked about how context is king while other presenters swore content was king.  Both were correct.  But it is important to treat them with the same amount of respect and attention.

  • Focus on your brand’s differentiator to guide the planning process.
    • What sets your brand apart from the rest?  Be laser focused on this and build experiences around it.  Write your brand’s dream headline and help this guide you throughout the planning process.  It is also important to talk to your users and get your feedback as they are the ones engaging with your product.

  • People Retain
    • 10% of what they read.
    • 20% of what they hear
    • 30% of what they see