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Last year, 90% of Mintel users reported booking transportation for winter holiday travel. This year, debuting in time for the busy holiday travel season, American Airlines has announced a new partnership with Casper, an expert in sleep products. Beginning in December, First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy passengers on select long-haul international and transcontinental flights will have access to a suite of sleep products including a mattress pad that fits over the seat, lumbar pillow, pillowcase, duvet, pajamas and slippers. Exact offerings will vary by route.

This is the first application of Casper’s sleep expertise beyond the home. Inspired by performance outerwear, specific products for these flights were designed with maximum comfort and maintained quality in mind, supporting Casper’s quest to redefine in-flight sleep and travel comfort. Considering 32% of consumers say comfort is a reason to choose one airline over another – a statistic that jumps to 46% when considering “Ultra fliers” (passengers on 10+ round trip flights per year) – we’d say this partnership is one that airline customers have been dreaming of.

American Airlines and Casper’s partnership news follows Delta’s efforts to improve customer experience. In recent months Delta has announced streamlined mobile auto check-ins and boarding pass delivery technology, something 74% of customers report having used or being interested in. They have also become the first US global carrier to offer complimentary in-flight mobile messaging via iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in a step towards appeasing the 75% of consumers interested in in-flight WiFi.


So how is Legacy helping to enhance passenger experience on the ground this holiday season? By bringing some bubbly spirit to airport halls.

Currently, in the Miami International Airport, travelers are encouraged to take a minute from their busy travel and holiday schedules to engage in the Perrier Jouet Out Of Store Pop Up activation! By showing #perrierjouet, consumers receive complimentary WiFi, tasty macaroons and a delicious glass of chilled Perrier Jouet Champagne!

With an added immersive, experience-based art installation by Luftwerk, travelers can explore light, color and perception. Luftwerk includes their own interpretive layer to the piece while integrating physical structures to the installation. In addition to a sampling and quaint art installation, consumers are able to take advantage of an added discount – buy one bottle, receive $10.00 off a second bottle of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut and buy one bottle, save $12.00 off a second bottle of Belle Epoque Rose!

There is simply not a jollier way to escape those airport delays, layovers, extra minutes and stress than by enjoying a crisp glass of Perrier Jouet and snacking on flavored macaroons! Not only is the installation an enjoyable bonus to a packed holiday travel experience, but it’ll help with that last minute shopping. Buy One (for yourself), GIFT that second bottle!  ...maybe something about not showing up home emptyhanded??