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Recently, Legacy was named to the Chicago Tribune’s Top Workplaces list for the second consecutive year. We’re thrilled and honored to be recognized, particularly because the inclusion is based on employee-reported feedback. Read on to learn how we make our office such a great place for our teams.

Start with communication. With over 100 employees at HQ and hundreds more around the country, it’s imperative that we are on the same page and share knowledge. Each month we hold a staff meeting where we learn what each team has been working on. This can help spark ideas for our own projects. We also recognize stellar work through our annual internal awards.

Push the limit. We make a constant effort to grow and expand our capabilities. In the last year, we’ve created new opportunities across multiple practice areas and show no signs of slowing down. Employees love this energy because it prevents any day from getting to monotonous.

Beyond that, it’s all about culture. In addition to basic benefits like insurance plans, 401k matching and summer Friday hours, Legacy has a full stocked bar on site. Yup, you read that right. This space encourages collaboration and socializing – when you spend so much time together planning and executing experiences, it helps to genuinely like your coworkers!

Finally, as part of our Chicago Tribune Top Workplaces achievement, Legacy’s employees were surveyed about their attitudes toward the agency. The insights we gain from the rankings and comments highlight anywhere employees are looking to see some improvements and areas where we already shine. Knowing how our teams feel about us ensures we are continually striving to be the best we can be.