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The timeless question all advertising professionals seek the answer to: how do we attract and retain new consumers for our client? Diesel flipped this question on its head and played to a “flaw” in the fashion industry in a recent Canal Street stunt with Publicis Italia. 

The brand is known for taking risks, especially in their most recent campaign Go With the Flaw.  Diesel founder Renzo Rosso expressed his concern about industry fakes bringing down the value of brands’ products by producing a large volume of knockoffs. By going to the heart of this in New York City, Diesel made a stand toward and mocked the fake designer fashion market that runs wild in the Canal Street area. Their faux, small popup store was open for just two days in February and sold 1,000 authentic pieces with a misspelled “Deisel” logo printed on every item that was laid out in stacks of plastic bags or on racks hung on multi-colored plastic hangers. Shoppers and fashionistas alike lined up around the corner to get a look inside the neon poster, cardboard box ridden popup after celebrities like Gucci Mane showed off the collection on social media.

 In this effort to reach a new generation of shoppers who live for one-of-a-kind pieces, Diesel and Publicis Italia give a great case study for working with your industry challenges and not against them. One could argue the formula is simple, conquering your client’s challenges = experience + influence.

Photo courtesy of Adweek.