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When planning a winter event, you run into unique challenges that simply aren’t even a thought in other seasons, namely unpredictable weather. When our Kahlúa team set out to activate in Breckenridge, Colorado this winter, the possibility of bad weather was something we had to factor into our plans. Storms delayed shipments and abnormally strong wind gusts meant we couldn’t use most of our outdoor signage and assets for fear they would fly away. But throughout the struggles, we were able to find silver linings in the distinguishable features of winter events, all with a little help from Kahlúa.

First and foremost, brands activating in cold weather differ from those typically found in summer. Kahlúa’s espresso martini’s, white Russians and mind erasers are fitting for the winter, allowing it to stand out against many other beverage brands. 

When we think of winter, we think of holidays, gift giving and cozy nights snuggled in. Appropriate giveaways play directly into that feel. Throughout the season, we provided consumers with Kahlúa ugly sweaters, hand warmers, beanies, and drink koozies mittens– because cold hands shouldn’t keep anyone from enjoying a tasty White Russian!

In addition to Kahlúa’s Breckenridge event, an ice sculpture competition and the 2018 X Games were taking place the same weekend. Not only did this bring even more consumers into Kahlúa’s exposure, but also brought the right crowd (those a bit edgy with a taste for adventure and adrenaline).

No matter the season, it’s imperative that the event be socially sharable. Luckily for Kahlúa, winter events are uniquely shareable because of the built-in, gorgeous backdrop. Breathtaking mountains covered in white snow? Everyone is going to want to share that photograph!

Finally, après ski. Enough said.

Despite weather hurdles, we ‘just add Kahlúa’ and get through.