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It’s only a matter of time until Gen Z has more buying power than Millennials and marketers fully shift their target audience to the younger audience. Gen Z has never lived a day without the Internet and as a result, at least in portion, they have an average attention span of eight seconds. So, how do marketers effectively market to this group. Two words: viral sharing.

Here are 10 tips for making the Gen Z connection. For more detail on each, visit Chief Marketer.

  1. 1. Craft a unique brand story
  2. 2. Focus on authenticity
  3. 3. Leverage new-age marketing tactics (think live-streaming)
  4. 4. Integrate the brand story into modern culture
  5. 5. Fine tune content campaigns for sharing
  6. 6. Invert supply and demand
  7. 7. Keep things casual
  8. 8. Innovate with influencers
  9. 9. Be everywhere
  10. 10. BE COOL