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Lady Gaga did it first with the meat dress. Then, last year, an odd trend emerged: popular fast food chains were finding ways to expand their sellable products from edible to wearable. Fast food has transcended fast fashion. And, to be honest, a brand that can satiate both our hunger and our fashion needs is pretty intriguing.

First, Pizza Put debuted a winter parka made in the same model as their keep-warm delivery pouches. Both the Pizza Parka and the pouch are made of insulation thermal technology, an aluminum radiant barrier and polyester fiber padding. The branded parka also has pockets specifically for parmesan and red pepper. Because wearers will obviously be ordering pizza from their phone while wearing the coat, a clear window in the sleeve also acts as a “marinara splash guard.” In theory, the parka (and pouch) will keep an additional 15 degrees insulated.

Then, Taco Bell partnered with Forever 21 for a new food-style collection, available globally through the retailer. The collection features graphic tees, bodysuits, hoodies and jackets with colorful, distinctive illustrations. Taco Bell’s CMO stated, “…this collection with Forever 21 is going to be everything [our fans] would expect from us in extending the Taco Bel lifestyle to fashion: original, affordable, creative, a little quirky and definitely fun.”

Now, Doritos are getting in on the action. For a limited time, Doritos is releasing Doritos Ketchup and during that time the brand is also giving fans ketchup-inspired apparel. T-shirts, letterman jackets, sweaters, hats and duffle bags will allow consumers to express their love for Doritos Ketchup year-round.

So why is the merger of food and fashion becoming a trend? “Food, like fashion, is driven by trends and culture. Merging fashion and food in this collection gives our customers a new way to experience both our brands,” stated Forever 21’s VP of Merchandising.