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We’re American. We live for football. We LIVE for the Super Bowl. What do we look for on Super Bowl Sunday (besides an appearance and victory by our favorite teams)? The commercials, obviously. Here’s a round-up for our HQ staff’s 2018 favorites:

“As with most households, ours really liked the Tide series. It was extremely clever and well done. It felt fresh yet familiar, with many nods to ads of the past. They nailed it. We also enjoyed the Avocados of Mexico spot, because it’s so true and very timely and relevant. Avocados are everywhere these days! It’s all Tom Brady eats apparently. There are endless memes about how much Millennials love avocado toast (who doesn’t). But you can’t beat the good ol’ classic chips and guac. Where would we be without the chips?!!?!” – Amanda Turnbull, EVP Client Services

“I personally liked the more serious ones, the Anheuser-Busch one that provided water to hurricane victims and of course Coke with the theme of unity.” – Bridget Sweeney, Graphic Designer

“I have two, but if I had to pick just one, I need to go with the Doritos & Mountain Dew spot.  It was the only commercial that caught the attention of everyone in the room that I was watching the game with (including children). I also went back during live viewing to watch this commercial 2 more times.  More importantly, the social extensions of this spot were extremely well done (including a Snapchat lens that was featured on game day, where fans had the opportunity to record themselves trying to lip-sync like Freeman and Dinklage did in the commercial). My 2nd favorite, wasn’t the most entertaining, but impactful, as I give Wendy’s a lot of credit for being bold and taking a direct and hard hit at McDonalds.” – Craig Ducker, Account Director

“Ok definite winners in my mind: 1) NFL- Eli Manning and OBJ doing Dirty Dancing… even funnier if you’ve seen the movie way too many times and can tell they are mimicking every single little movement and facial expression from the dance sequence. And also, Eli’s dancing is just hysterical. 2) Doritos and Mountain Dew. 3) Series of Tide commercials.” – Natalie Seyfarth, Art Director

 “There were a bunch of funny ones, but at the end of each I looked to my viewing party and said, “That was a Tide commercial.” I had oddly never noticed that the only commercials showing dirty clothes are detergent ads. I will never NOT see that now.” – Sarah Baumgaertner, Marketing Communications

“My vote is for Amazon Echo “What Happens When Alexa Loses Her Voice”. This was one of the only commercials this year where you were laughing with the celebrity rather than at them. It also communicated a true value-add for the product, which is that no one can replace the Amazon Alexa.” – Skylar Slack, Assistant Account Executive

“Doritos vs Mountain Dew!!! I mean Busta, Missy, Peter Dinklage, and Morgan Freeman rapping!! So good…I’m actually going to try Doritos Blaze because of that commercial.” – Talia Millhoupt, Project Manager

Legacy HQ has spoken – Doritos/Mountain Dew are Super Bowl ad champs! You can check out this and all the Super Bowl LII commercials here.