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Every year a few brands stand out with clever April Fool’s Day pranks, so we’ve rounded up some of the best for 2018, including the ones we fell for and the ones we wish weren’t just pranks.

Who doesn’t love to top off their meals with dessert? Burger King has a solution so you can get your fudgy fix without actually ordering dessert: make your meal dessert and just order a Chocolate Whopper. Feeling a bit sluggish after that “burger”? Turn to High Brew Coffee who is releasing a “Contact High” caffeinated patch.

Fitbit is helping users find their “SoleMate” through their new dating app (“burning calories meets burning passion”) and Rent the Runway is letting patrons rent dog clothes so they can match their pups.

Honda realizes that distracted walking can be just as dangerous as distracted driving, so they’ve developed the “Sixth Sense” app to warn distracted pedestrians when they are about to walk off a curb or into an oncoming walker.

Major League Baseball kept it simple and shared and Instagram post of “THE PLAY OF THE SEASON ALREADY?!” Unfortunately, the post image failed to load. We won’t share how long we waited for it to load before realizing it was a joke.

Finally, there were two brand pranks that we’d rather see as reality –

T-Mobile teased bringing back the Sidekick phone (only this time in shoe form), something every used-to-watch-MTV-Millennial would probably kill for, event 10+ years later.

And, for the win, Head & Shoulders launched “Knees & Toes” bodywash. Brilliant. Why is that not already a product?!