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We’ve long said that while 2017 would be the year of augmented reality early adoption, 2018 would mark mainstream use. Less than a full month into the new year, that prediction rings accurate.

Augment reality capabilities are appearing on screens of all kinds, including those small enough to fit in our pockets. The true tell of mainstream AR use comes when it becomes so intuitive and commonplace that the average smartphone user can experience it without training.

Meet Ikea Place and Pottery Barn 3D Room View. These are just two furniture company AR mobile apps that have permeated the digital realm. Each application allows users to preview furniture in the space they are designing rather than purchasing first and later learning it doesn’t fit or look right. Mintel reports that 46% of consumers prefer to see furniture in person before buying so it’s easy to understand the need for apps like these.

There’s something to be said that early mainstream use of AR is coming in the form of large scale items. Being able to preview smaller items such as clothing, accessories, makeup, toys, gadgets and more is an easy next step. Even much larger things like cars and houses provide opportunity.