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A few weeks ago, we ran the Chicago Marathon. It was energizing and exhausting, inspiring, fun and just a wee-bit painful. But after months of training and a few hours urged on by fellow runners and spectators alike, we’re proud to say we took more away than just a finishers medal.

Always thinking of experiential trends, here are nine things we learned from the marathon that apply to our everyday lives at Legacy:

  1. 1. Early bird gets the worm 5am wakeup calls for long runs make for a more productive day of running and work (and lots of coffee!)

  1. 2. Always have a plan Bbetween injuries and mental setbacks, we learned that sometimes you have to be flexible and adjust your original vision to be able to execute a successful race (or event)

  1. 3. Hard work is easier alongside friends… we found long runs were more manageable with a buddy, just like late nights at the office are more fun when your coworkers double as your best friends

  1. 4. Learn from the pros… in our race training groups we relied on the advice from those who had done it before, just like we look up to our bosses to lead our team to successful activations

  1. 5. Team comes first… although running is an individual sport we learned that having a teamwork mentality allowed us to reach a common goal

  1. 6. Lean on your support system… at Mile 23 the only thing that got us through were the high-fives from our family and friends. Work is not always easy and it’s ok to rely on co-workers for help

  1. 7. Trust your training… sometimes we found ourselves doubting whether we could truly run the whole marathon but we were assured that our training and [event] preparation would lead to success

  1. 8. One mile at a time… 26.2 is a LONG way and at times that distance seemed really daunting, but like a to-do list at the office, it was easier checking the miles off one by one

  1. 9. Lastly, beer is better after hard work… one of the first things we were given when we crossed the finish line was a cold beer and just like at our events, the beer tastes better after a job well done

Contribution by: Morgan Bonk